A recently qualified Marine Biologist, long-time Bass Fanatic.

Evobass Lures was founded in 2019 on the back of a long-standing dream of of combining science with angling experience to create lures of unparalleled quality, aesthetics and most of all fish-catching ability.

Introduced to Bass at a very young age triggered an insatiable hunger that only seemed to get worse over time. Taking over the brain and naturally becoming a concrete facet of life, where every second thought seemed to be fishing related. The obsession heavily influenced every decision I made, devoting almost every spare hour to the sport and eventually my education and career to it. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology in 2017 and a Master of Science in Marine Biology in February 2019 from University College Cork, finally achieving the childhood dream of becoming a fully-fledged Marine Biologist.

I always toyed with the idea of producing lures, especially soft plastic lures even if it was for my own personal use. However, it was during my masters that I really began researching the concept. What started off as a quick brainstorming session ended up as a well rounded idea of what elements made the perfect soft bait and what new elements I wanted to incorporate to elevate these lures to the next level. It was on that dreary October evening that the concept of Evobass Lures was realized. The lure profile was the first thing developed, countless CAD designs were drawn up, discarded and modified until I was 100% happy with the finished result. Extensive research occupied the next few months, trolling  through scientific papers and journals looking for any information that I could incorporate into the newly realized lures that would give an extra sensory appeal to Bass. This extensive research led to a breakthrough resulting in me developing AA INFUSION and E.V.O. SCENT, which after rigorous testing, reformulation and recalibration is included in every single lure produced by us.

To all who have helped Evobass Lures get off the ground and running, thank you. Special thanks to a certain group of experienced anglers who I have the pleasure to call friends, providing constant feedback , colour suggestions and field testing.