After a long 2 years of development the Dagger is finally here – coming in at 110mm (4.3 inches) and weighing 19.5 grams making it our heaviest and shortest lure, it was designed to target the big girls with a lot of features helping it to achieve this:

Bow Tail – A unique tail designed to emulate many of our baitfish. At high speeds this tail is buzzing from side to side on the horizontal plane which also has the ability to kick at super slow speeds on slower retrieves.

Stabilising Fins – The Dagger is equipped with 3 sets of stabilising fins to allow it to remain stable in the water column mich similar to a real fish – these fins also allow the Dagger to be fished weightless and also waked along the surface like a topwater creating further stability.

Top & Bottom Hookslots – With the Dagger being a thicker bodied lure hookslots were essential to allow the lure to collapse when a fish hits it

The Dagger incorporates the same revolutionary AA Infusion system specifically tailored for Bass as all of our lures, which infuses select amino acids into the lure body and also into the E.V.O. scent that’s applied to the lures.


unlimited potential

Rigged your way

Like all our lures the Dagger can be righhed multiple ways –  whether slowly crept over reef at night, dropped into some estaurine current or waked on the surface like a fleeing baitfish this lure will for sure show the bass something different.


Dagger 110

110 mm

19.5 grams


Months of extensive research and testing  has led to the formulation of a complex matrix of Amino Acids known to trigger feeding behaviour in Bass. This formula is infused in the plastic recipe as well as the scent to give a double layered  sensory assault.


Specially formulated scent loaded with the same Amino Acids found in AA INFUSION, as well as a healthy dose of Essential Oils to give you a sensory edge. 

Rigging Suggestions

To cover every situation for the ultimate presentation

Weedless Weighted – The most popular method used by anglers for the Dagger – this method use a weighted swimbait hook (BKK Titan Diver 4/0 or Owner Beast 4/0 reccommended) allowing the lure to be fished at whatever section of the water column desired whilst providing excellent stability, a big fish magent for sure!

Weedless Weightless – The most flexible of the 3 rigging methods using a weightless swimbait hook (BKK Titan 4/0 or Owner Beast 4/0 reccommended) this allows anglers to really slow down the retrieve for night work or creeping it along a reef by day! Weightless also allows the Dagger to be fished on the surface like a fleeing/injured baitfish – rod tip up high with an initial jerk of the rod will surface the dagger and you can use your retrieve speed to keep it up on top or use a subtle sink and draw which pops it to the surface. Really encourage you to play around/think outside the box with this method as the dagger is super versatile. Prior experience of fishing soft plastics weightless is a must to get the most of the Dagger in this method, the lure must be rigged accurately to allow to track properly – adding a lead/tungsten nail weight to the head of the lure can help if you are having difficulty and also is a top tip if fishing some heavier current or rougher seas!

Jighead/Cheb Head – Can be mounted on either a J Hook/Weedless Jighead or you can add a Cheb head to a twistlock hook – that tail will be kicking on the dagger regardless the rigging method! Highly reccomend the Xorus Rolling Shad (7g-15g), fits like a glove but don’t hesitate to experiment with different heads to suit your style!