Dagger 110


The Dagger 110 is a soft swimbait coming in at 110mm (4.3 inches) and weighing 19.5 grams. This lure was designed to imitate many of the baitfish species in our waters, featuring a specially designed bow tail that works either at any speed desired this lure can be fished dead slow at night or waked on the top to attract attention. Reccommended Rigging 4/0 BKK Titan/Owner Beast (Weighted or Weightless) or a Jighead.

Designed, Tested and Crafted by us in Co. Waterford, Ireland – All of our lures are handmande in small batches meaning slight colour varation may occur between lures.

As always all our lures are infused with a special complex of Amino Acids specifically designed for Bass as well as our special E.V.O. Scent. Quantity: 3 per pack.